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Label Options

Transparent Label

Clearly, you’re at the right place for transparent labels.

Clear labels are becoming a new and hot trend in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics labelling industry. By using die cuts of different shapes and sizes we can provide labels for tubes, bottles, jars, lipstick or any other special shaped container.

Our high quality labels will have a dramatic effect on your product. With clear labels you can show off the container or even the product within. We can even help to advise you on the perfect label solution for your product.

We have produced health and beauty cosmetic labels for tubes, bottles, jars, lipsticks and many other special shaped containers.

Call us now to discuss your labeling needs and get an instant quote.

Digital Label GTA

Our state of art production capabilities can print labels of any shape with small lettering to provide information to customers and also in vibrant, crisp color to help catch the eye and market the product.

We print hundreds of thousands of clear labels for various applications and various industries

Industrial Label

Get the job done !

Given the fast-paced nature of the industrial labelling market there is no room for errors. It is extremely important for industrial labels to be accurate and informative. The uses of industrial labels can vary greatly. For example, they are used as hazard warning labels, shipping labels, product identification labels and instructional & general warning labels.

Label application is a key factor in deciding the type of paper stock to be used. Basic shipping labels can be printed on plain, cost-effective paper. Some of our biggest industrial label customers are from the automotive industry. Their labels must be attractive yet durable and be able to withstand harsh environments.

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Digital Label GTA

Label finishes may also vary depending on your preference. You can request a high gloss finish or a matte finish.

Our commitment to fast-turnaround times and high quality label production makes us the label supplier of choice.

We know how important it is to get your products out of the warehouse so you can start selling. We won’t rest until the job gets done !

Full Color Label

We utilize the finest state-of-the-art label manufacturing equipment to produce four color process labels which can be printed on labelling materials like paper, film or foil - materials required for labelling bottles, jars or custom containers.

Royal Label Printing has been producing high-quality, performance-tested custom product labels in the food and cosmetic market place for over a decade. In fact Royal Label Printing has become well known as one of the premier four color process label printers in the industry.

Our state-of-the-art technology is guaranteed to produce amazing quality in every repeat re-production. We can produce minimal label quantities at affordable prices so you can introduce new products into the market with winning labels, all without breaking the bank.

Call us now to discuss your labelling needs and get an instant quote.

Medical Label GTA

We are masters in a wide range of applications such as cosmetic labels, food labels, clear labels, industrial label and wine labels.

Our graphics department will gladly provide you assistance in realizing your dream label.

If you can clearly explain what you want - we will be able to produce labels that will be beyond your expectations.

Cosmetic Labels

Image is everything !

At Royal Label Printing, we go beyond label printing. Our unique label design and development can make your product standout, far above the competition.

The cosmetics market is very competitive. Presentation makes a big difference. This is why companies spend vast amounts time and money promoting their products. You may be surprised to learn that by 2020, the worldwide cosmetic market is predicted to be worth over $675 billion USD. That’s a lot of lipstick!

Of course, all product managers understand that eye-catching cosmetic labels help to sell their product. Or at the very least have a disproportionately large amount of sway on potential customers. You only get a few seconds to grab your customer’s attention.

Call us now to discuss your labelling needs and get an instant quote.

Medical Label GTA

If you want your products to stand out, you need distinctive and attractive labelling. With this in mind, Royal Label Printing strives to design and produce unique, high quality, vibrant labels.

We monitor every step of the process in great detail. From conception to design to production.

All to ensure the best quality outcomes for our customers. Royal Label Printing offers product knowledge and expertise that few can match.

Blank Labels

Create your own brand image with our blank labels.

Blank labels are recommended for clients who only need labels for basic information such as addressing and mailing.

These labels can also be printed on by using your own black & white or colour printer and with unique die cuts.

You can also add a topcoat varnish or film laminate for different effects.

We are a friendly old fashion type of organization, so give us a call to discuss your labelling needs and get an instant quotation.

Medical Label Printing GTA

The advantage of buying blank labels from Royal Label Printing is that we offer better quality labels at lower prices. We also offer a much larger selection when compared to retail stores.

Royal Label Printing also provides preprinted personalized address labels freeing up your time from printing so you can focus on your products.

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